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Class and community

Our mission is to inspire as many people to grow their own fresh healthy produce as possible. We believe that anyone can grow something, no matter their situation, with the support of their community. That is why we started having free gardening classes every month; to create a community of like minded people to support each other in their gardening journey, regardless of where they are on that path. 

Our monthly classes are free and live to anyone who is living in or visiting the Treasure Valley here in Idaho. We discuss a variety of eco friendly growing options for every budget, time saving plans for getting the most out of your produce, Water collection and saving techniques, cooking and preserving your harvests, permaculture, books, regenerative techniques and more! 

Our meetings are scheduled via MeetUp, a social platform that is completely free to anyone. At times we have additional free classes and experiences, so check back often. Classes are meant to be fun and social, with a little something to nibble and a hands on project. Children are allowed, but must come with a supervised adult, unless otherwise 

Join a class!

To join either search for Diamond House Gardening Club or click on the link below. Hope to see you here!

Diamond House Gardening Club

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